A new trailer for Syfy’s Superman-prequel series, Krypton has cropped up online. The new trailer – which focuses a little more on the villainous – Brainiac provides a greater look at the new show, which is set to hit TV screens in March.

What do you think?

I have to admit, when I first heard about Krypton I was less than enthused about the prospect of seeing another Superman series without Superman as the main star. As much as I enjoyed (most of) Smallville, another Superman-lite series, the show’s ten-year run was a bit unsettled at times and the idea of doing this all over again filled me with dread.

After watching the above trailer I have to admit I have a little bit more faith in Krypton and, so long as the pilot doesn’t suck, I will check it out. Brainiac looks like he’s just stepped from the pages of Action Comics and so long as the show’s creators can keep up this level of quality, Krypton could be a real gem of a show.