Call yourself a Buffy fan? Then you might like to know that Dark Horse Comics is currently offering readers the opportunity to take advantage of a pretty awesome (if not pretty pricey) Buffy Digital Megabundle – and it is huge!

The Buffy Digital Megabundle comprises 188 issues of comic book goodness in one sizeable offering. The collection includes issues of Buffy: The High School Years, Tales of the Slayer, Willow, Spike and much, much more.

Dating back to Dark Horse’s very first issues of Buffy and running through to Season 11, the bundle is great for those looking to catch up on back issues before the new Giles series lands at the end of February.

So, what’s the catch?

The Buffy Digital Megabundle will set you back $199.99 (approximately £140). For 188 comics that’s great value, but it’s still a pretty big investment.

The Buffy Digital Megabundle is available for a limited time.