Over the past year (or so), I’ve noticed a growing trend in the collector’s market – seriously collectable pins. Maybe I’ve simply been oblivious to the expanding pin market that has existed around me for years, but is it me or is it becoming pretty big right now?

As an Instagram user, I’ve become aware of a community of pin Instagram pin manufacturers and sellers, who are doing some excellent work in creating quirky and irresistibly awesome pieces. These sellers are generally producing unlicensed products, so you they’re not officially sanctioned by their creators, but jeez they’re doing exceptional work.

Case in point, the Joker pin that you can see at the top of this post. This pin – titled ‘Glitter “Boo”‘- is a stunning piece produced by Duncan Artworks and is just one of a few pins I’ve picked up in recent months.

The pin recreates a memorable scene from the 1989  movie, Batman and as you can see, the likeness to Jack Nicholson is uncanny. As a huge fan of the Batman movie franchise, I had to grab one of these as soon as I could as it’s so expressive. What’s more, the amount of detail that has gone into this pin (note the glitter effect in the beret) is just fantastic.

Duncan Artworks is producing some truly knock-out pins right now – especially for fans of Batman. But the studio isn’t the only place you can pick up great pins; take a look at this one below.

Penguin pinHere is an example of a pin from another studio I came across on Instagram. The Penguin pin to the left is from John D. Wiltshire and falls within the studio’s ‘Crime Alley Pins’ banner.

This pin – and its ‘Crime Alley Pins’ stablemates – is based around characters that appeared in Batman: The Animated Series. The pins depict the animation style of the classic ‘toon, while also offer a ‘bonus’ feature. In this case, it’s the Penguin’s umbrella which swirls when manually spun.

In addition to this action feature, the pins are presented on a backing card specifically designed to replicate the packaging of the old Batman Kenner toys of the ’90s. How cool is that? Not only has this studio thought about the best way to make the pin look cool, it has also put some thought into its overall presentation too.

At present, the ‘Crime Alley Pins’ collection includes Penguin, Batman, Clayface and Poison Ivy. Each pin is just as good as the next and once again, a lot of work has gone into making these exceptional pieces.

Moving away from Batman now and moving on to horror pins and the work of Alleycat Graphics. Once again, I came across this studio on Instagram, where I was captivated by the work.

Chucky pin

Alleycat Graphics produce a selection of horror-themed products, most notably the ‘VHS Collection’. Presented in VHS-style collector’s packaging, complete with additional content (postcards, replica video rental cards etc), the ‘VHS Collection’ serves up a great range of iconic horror pins themed around horror movie classics, from the video era.

Here is the latest release in the collection – Chucky! This pin is inspired by the poster for Child’s Play 2 (1990) and is simply superb.

Child’s Play 2 is easily my favourite entry in the Chucky series (my favourite horror series of them all), so picking this up was a no-brainer. This photo does not do the pin justice and if you’re a Chucky fan/pin collector, you need this in your collection.

It’s at this point that I must mention that I’m not a huge pin collector – or at least, I don’t think I am. Maybe I’m becoming one?

However, some of the pins I’ve come across within the last year have been so good, I’ve simply had to grab ’em and of course share them on It’s A Stampede! My collection will no doubt grow over time, but for now I’m only picking up pins that really tickle my pickle.

As you can see from these three examples, if you’re a pin collector, or you’re just starting to get into pin collecting, now is the perfect time to delve right in. There are so many great studios out there, it’s just a matter of finding the correct pin for you.